Transcript of the video of Martin using eBay


Martin which website are you going to show us that you use regularly?


Um eBay




Ebay. Aha, eBay!

Then you go to one of, you got a list of columns here, which you can go into there ‘user electronics’, ‘cars’ and ‘appeal’, which needs to have pictures on it, really. To understand people what items they are looking for. Um…

And er… And you can go on and you can just, in box there you can actually type what products you’re looking for.


Do you want to look for something?


Yep, I’ll just put something in there. And we’ll see what we get up.

I think it’s good. Cos it’s got a lot of information. Or categories and you can actually type the word in there what you want to look for like cars, mobile phones, pictures or games consoles for computers or other things like that. Jewellery, or presents for your family or Christmas, er Christmas items.


So you have your own bank account, don’t you?


Yes I do.


So do you buy things online on eBay?


Yes I do. When I need it.  Not all the time. I’ve got an account set up and er, you know.

Right, we’ve got big writing here, which is for people to see, which is good. You can actually look at what’s on the actual the page you know..


What are you searching for?


I’m actually searching for um some CDs and picture frames that you can buy, you know, on eBay and you can actually look for mobile phones as well.

Let’s find the UK site. Just go back. So if you get into a site and it’s got American, and what you can do is go back by clicking this button up here.

What you can do is just say you want to find something. Just click on the little bar there. And then… Delete that um…. Right. M O B I L E S. Mobiles.

Right, then go to mobiles, once you’ve typed mobiles into that block and then um… and then um you can find what ever you want. And then um…mobiles…and er then search for it… P H O N E S. Mobile phones.

Right. Aha! Here we are. This is the website where you can buy mobile phones over the net. See these are the ones you can buy. Um you can, where it says the column there it says er ‘buy now’. So what you do is you click on it or if you want to go on to it, um…


Shall we have a look at one?


Yeah, um. So what you want to do, if you want to enlarge it so what you do is where my finger is there it says ‘enlarge’. Where it’s got the little magnifying glass. And then what you do is you click on it, there and enlarge it and you can have a look at it and like that, you know.


Do you find that useful?


I do find it useful a lot. A very lot.

I actually bought, off here, I actually bought a pager off of it.  It only cost me £2.99 but it didn’t work. [laughs] So that’s what you got to watch out for on the internet. Because when you see something that you want, um you get conned for it, because when you get the product it does work but it don’t go off or anything like that. So that’s why I’m saying that don’t, if you want something make sure it works you know,  cos they don’t want it back half of the time.

Let’s see if I can go into that one. Um… ‘auctions only’. Right this is the auctions only. This is the auctions only. This is one where you bid on it.

See, look, 1 minute, 1 hour 1 minute or for 1 pence or something like that.  You can actually make a bid.


Have you ever made a bid?


Yes. But I lost it. [laughs] I actually lost a bid. Cos it went up to £155.


For what?


For a mobile phone. One of those good ones you know.

Right let’s go to the ‘buy it’… Right, ‘buy it now’. Right this is the one I’m going to buy it. Um… unlocked Nokia £49. Right, just look for the products on there cos you may get cheaper ones like this one for £25.

But if I wanted to buy it… So what I do is, I um, enlarge it. Hang on er… Hang on.

Buy it. Buy it. Well sometimes they don’t work but sometimes they do. Hang on. Ah, there you go!


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