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Scripting Enabled London video available

January 6, 2009

Update: Two videos plus transcripts of the talks from September 2008’s Scripting Enabled event in London are now available!

These videos were all kindly filmed by BBC Backstage, transcribed by the Opera Development Network and are hosted by the Yahoo Developer Network.

A video of me talking about Online Content for People with Learning Disabilities is now available.  Hmm… not the slickest of presentations and every technological hitch I could have imagined but I hope the broad messages I wanted to get across still got out there.  Go to the video of me giving my talk.

Oh, and it’s ok to laugh at my technology problems, I did!

A video of Denise Stephens from Enabled by Design giving a really interesting and insightful talk about Multiple Sclerosis and inclusive design is available.  Go to the video of Denise giving her talk.

Go to the Scripting Enabled website



April 26, 2008

Yesterday, I gave a presentation at Accessibility 2.0: a million flowers bloom, a one day conference in London organised by Abilitynet. The day was fantastic. The people I met were great.

Due to various reasons, I ran out of time.

So, I wanted to share the full presentation with anyone who is interested. If you need it in another format, please let me know.

Here it is: :-)