Scripting Enabled – in brief

The Scripting Enabled event happened on Friday and Saturday.  They were a brilliant two days. Big congratulations to Christian Heilmann and everyone who helped him pull it together.

Whilst I am still trying to process what happened, I can safely say that there is a great account on Henny Swan’s blog.  And of course lots about the two days on the Scripting Enabled site itself, complete with presentations and a wiki.

All well worth reading.  Get involved! More from me once the processing has happened.


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2 Responses to “Scripting Enabled – in brief”

  1. bugrain Says:

    Antonia – following you telling me the UR contact where I work I made a call, had a chat and now we have an internal website for accessibility where we didn’t have one before :) Lots to add to it and get it publicised, but it’s a start.

    Good luck with the ‘processing’ ;)

    (all: sorry for the cryptic message, it’s all internal company stuff but wanted to make the point that the scripting enabled aim of “geek meet non-geek, geek and non-geek talk” seems to have worked in this case).

  2. Antonia Hyde Says:


    Good to meet you at Scripting Enabled. This is good news and very proactive. Well done! :-)

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