RNIB Surf Right Toolbar

The RNIB has released a Beta version of its RNIB Surf Right Toolbar (for IE).

The RNIB Web Access Centre blog has everything you need to know about the Surf Right Toolbar including how to install it and information on its features.

The RNIB worked with The Web Accessibility Tools Consortium, and Steve Faulkner from the Paciello Group to make this toolbar for people who use Intenet Explorer. It enables users to access some of the accessibility features of the browser quickly by just using the toolbar. This includes turning images on and off and setting options.

It’s nice and big and easy to install. I also like the use of green ticks and red crosses.


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2 Responses to “RNIB Surf Right Toolbar”

  1. iheni Says:

    Thanks Antonia for posting about this. We’re really intrested to hear any feedback people may have or suggestions for stuff they’d like to include in the next version so let us know if you have any!

    Cheers, Henny

  2. Antonia Hyde Says:

    Hi Henny

    Yes, I’d like to ask some people with learning disabilities what they think of it and how it might help them to have more control over the pages they view. We’ll feed back. :-)


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